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underpinning a rubble stone foundation wall

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just doing some preliminary research and wanted to know if it is possible to lower a residential basement floor 3'. yes of course.. but what if the basement wall is rubble stone with no footer (common for 100+ yr old homes). the stone wall goes down the required 4', but there it stops on the soil. i think the soil down there is soil/clay but not sure. the plan would be to go down a further 3'.

underpinning to be completed from the inside.

is it still possible to underpin, or would a SE just say no?

maybe "yes" but SE would change the design to have only 18" wide pours with minimum 3 day drying time before the next pour which is 8' edge to edge distance away. ? quite a bit more labour & long delays this way but it could be done .. if approved.
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