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Underlayment over uneven surface

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I have just removed tiles and concrete hardibacker from a bathroom. As I removed it, I saw that the layer of 1950s sheet flooring with felt backing approx 1/8" thick beneath is was already removed in some random shaped areas. The areas that remain are easily pried up and if it was safe, I could pull it out in an hour.

I became paranoid about asbestos far too long into the job and ceased working. Results on a test show that only the tile layer contained 3% chrysotile asbestos. The other layers of the sheet flooring were clean.

I was already planning on putting 1/4" plywood over this layer prior to installing foam backed waterproof floating laminate.

QUESTION: If I leave the patches of asbestos sheet flooring and nail down the plywood with ring-shank nails, will the new surface be flat enough for the new floor?

If not, would it help to add an additional layer of foam underlayment?
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Only you can determine if the scabbing will interfere with a flat lay, since we can't see what you see. But I would definitely NOT install more underlayment as it will make your flooring mushy and could decouple the planks. If you use plywood for your underlayment, make sure it is branded as underlayment and has no voids or boogers that could cause problems. Install it with 7/32 narrow crown staples, probably 1" long, then apply your underlayment and flooring. Let us know if you run into more problems.
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