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Not that it really matters that much now, but I doubt very much your subfloor is only ⅝" planks. I'll bet they actually measure at least ¾" and maybe ⅞"

There is no reason to use t&g as an underlayment. Why do you think you need t&g? T&G sheets are subfloor, not underlayment grade.

Looks like Joe assumes you're installing the new t&g ply over the joists and is why he said to use construction adhesive. You're not doing that.

Your fastening schedule is all wrong for ¾" material, you're referring to ¼"-⅜" ply/OSB fastening. Underlayment is always square edge and should be spaced ⅛" when using thicker structural ply or OSB. However please read the instructions that come with the flooring because you're doing a different method than what most people need. In most cases the old subfloor is already structural ply, and all you need for vinyl is ¼" ply that meets certain specs. So check the instructions.

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