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Hello, I own a 1,200 sq ft home (built 1954) in southern CA. I have a raised foundation with diagonal subfloor planks (maybe 5/8) that set on 2X8 joists that sit 16 on center.
I plan on running 3/4 tongue & groove plywood over that as underlayment for the luxury vinyl planks (with the cork backing attached). The I will screw them down with #8 1 3/4 subfloor screws. The problem is I'm hung up on the spacing and screw pattern.
I've seen videos where I saw the guys just pound the t&g together, yet I hear you have to leave a 1/8 gap between all the boards, as well as a 1/8 - 1/4 inch gap where the boards meet the walls. As for the pattern, I hear it's 3/8 from the edges (which seems too close to me), and every 3 inches all the way around the board, then every 6 inches in the field (the middle).
I also saw info that said if I'm using vinyl, to use a fan pattern over the typical grid pattern (to prevent imperfections from showing through. I'm also wondering if it's cool to use wood filler on the inset screws to make a flatter/smoother surface.
Thanks in advance.
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