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I am almost done with my underground power project, and getting ready to put the three required PVC conduit lines in the trench: one 2" and two 1" for power, cable, and telco.

Since I don't ever want to dig that stuff up again, I want to future-proof it if possible by placing any additional conduit lines in there if it makes sense. For instance, fiber might be a reality in the next 10yrs, and I see that special conduit liners are sometimes used for this so my existing lines may not be suitable. I also wonder if a metalized conduit line and/or a tracer wire make sense.
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underground meets pole

The Poco here gave me paperwork describing the trenching and conduit requirements. Part of that describes how the cable and telco conduit will exit my trench and run right up the side of the existing utility pole. The power conduit is different though. It is described as running up a standoff of some kind which will be attaced to the utility pole and keep the conduit parallel, but at a 7" distance from the pole.

Part of the reason for my project is to remove the unsightly lines hanging over my front yard. I had figured I could even paint the exposed conduit the same color as the pole to help it blend in. I'd like to see what one of these standoff things looks like installed, to see if it is even uglier than what I have already.
Looking at the paperwork, it is either called a riser, or a ladder arm. These hold the conduit at a distance of 7.5" from the pole. Since all three conduits are attached to the same quadrant of the pole, I can only guess the riser is used to maintain the separation of power line from cable and telco lines also running vertically up the pole, and the same reason there is a 12" separation required in the trench.

Any pics of this type of setup?
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