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Underground services -

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I am almost done with my underground power project, and getting ready to put the three required PVC conduit lines in the trench: one 2" and two 1" for power, cable, and telco.

Since I don't ever want to dig that stuff up again, I want to future-proof it if possible by placing any additional conduit lines in there if it makes sense. For instance, fiber might be a reality in the next 10yrs, and I see that special conduit liners are sometimes used for this so my existing lines may not be suitable. I also wonder if a metalized conduit line and/or a tracer wire make sense.
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When mine was buried they did (3) 3" conduits
Seems overkill looking back

When I buried a line to my cabana I put in (2) extra 1.5" since I had it kicking around
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