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Underground Pipe Locator?

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I have a half bathroom in my basement. I want to remodel the bathroom and add a shower, so I'll need to bust up the concrete floor and tie in the new shower drain to the existing drain line in the floor. Problem is, I don't know where exactly I will need to bust up the floor. I could do the whole floor, but obviously the less the better. So I was wondering if there was a way I could snake something "snake-able" down the toilet drain, and then use some sort of locator to wave over the floor that would beep when it's directly over my snake, and then I can mark it at different "depths", therefore showing me exactly where the drain is running under the floor.

Is there such a thing? It seems like a very simple concept and I don't see why something like this wouldn't exist for a reasonable price. This way, I'd only have to chip up the floor where the shower is going and where I'll be tying into the existing drain line. Any thoughts?
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I am a electrican we have got jobs before just doing this sort of thing finding breaks etc. I the easy way if you can rent something or hire a electrical contractor. Fish tape down the pipe. use a locator like they have when you call 511. Spray paint the path and a good locator will give you depth as well.

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a sewer camera with a locating head will do this, Check the rental yards or pay a drain cleaning company to do it. Most of them offer this service.
C check out Infrared camera for your smart phone FLAIR
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