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Underground Conduit - 360 Rule

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I'm helping a friend put in shed and he's running electric from the main panel in the house to a subpanel in the shed (it's more of a garage than a shed, but whatever). He's got all the required permits from the municipality, but the subcode official mentioned the 360 Rule (code) for the PVC conduit.

As I/we understand it to be (and here is where I need you folks to pipe in if I'm wrong or correct), no run of conduit can have more than a total of 360 degrees of turns or sweeps. To get around this number, we can put in condulet boxes in the run to assist with the wire pulls. In other words, if the total run is 150 feet, and it zigs and zags through the yard, we would need to put in a condulet box after every 360 degrees worth of turns along the line, and that would be satisfactory to pass the 360 Rule.

Hope that makes sense.

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You have it correct.
You can't be pulling wire through more than 360 degrees of bends. A pull point is needed before or at the 360 degree point.
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