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My POCO for two months now, has had problems keeping steady power to our home. So we are VERY randomly getting a 1-2 second duration off/on drop of the power to our home, on one of the 240 volt service drop wires. I know this because we only have some lights that go on/off and just some of our electronic clocks that go in the "blinking" mode, that notes a power loss. A breaker box label inspection showed me the devices affected by these glitched, are being powered from the same CBB busbar.

I know the power glitch is not in our homes wiring, because the neighbor behind us that we call whenever it happens, just had the same issue. And their home does not share the same step down pole transformer with us. But their step down transformer that powers their home, IS being fed from the same 1700- 2400 volt(?) primary tension lines, that our homes step down transformer is being fed from.

And if these 1-2 second voltage drop/recoveries happen when our 3 ton Rheem AC 240 volt condensing unit is running, its compressor shudders and stumbles and sounds awful. The CU sits 3 feet outside of my office window from my right arm, where I spend a LOT of time on the PC daily. So can hear it when the glitch happens.

I am afraid if this keeps happening, I am going to lose a CU compressor, while it tries to run on 120 volts for just those two seconds. Can anyone recommend a 240 volt fed, protection type relay that has adjustable cycle, auto reset, that monitors under/over voltage and that has a set of NO contacts on it ? I'll break the CU's compressor's contactor's 24 volt control circuit, with these NO contacts.

P.S. And I feel sure that random 1-2 seconds voltage drops in a POCO power transmission lines, are not easy to find though. They will find it though one day when whatever is breaking down, stays broken down. Thanks,
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