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Under-slab supply line?

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I am running supply lines of pex from a utility room to the kitchen. It is nearly 50' If I follow the path of the drain line, the trench is open still for inspection on Mon. I am debating weather I should insulate the hot water line or not, and if so, what is the proper way to do it? It is under a heated slab in southern Mi, so the soil should be around 60 degrees.

My plan was to insulate with standard pipe insulation, and then stuff that in electrical conduit. I would run that in a straight shot from utility room to kitchen, maybe about 30-35 feet when not following the drain. I can not do that till after I fill in the drain trench cause they cross and will cause many cave ins I fear. thanks
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well my reasoning for the conduit was the pipe insulation will get compacted from the sand and cement and lose its insulating value. Yes it may be overkill, but there is no doing it later.:no:

Another issue I have is using 1/2" pex. It is supposed to be 1/2" ID but the ID is smaller then 1/2" copper. I realize it is just a sink, but will 1/2 inch be enough, I want good flow so I can fill a pot in less then a few hours! I might see if the flow restrictor can get misplaced somehow:wink:
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