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Under-Slab Plumbing Estimate

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Hi All!

To save money, I was thinking that I could hire a plumber to just do the under-slab portion of the plumbing job. Just basic bathroom (toilet, vanity, shower) and kitchen sink before I get the slab poured and then do the rest of the work myself (building out the stack and vents and installing fixtures). Any idea what a plumber might charge for this work? With the most efficient plumbing layout possible to avoid any extra cost?

I am trying to get my slab poured before the cold weather in Dallas kicks in and just don't want to stress about getting the plumbing right (newbie) before the crew comes to pour the slab. I figure that after the slab is poured with the basic under slab plumbing completed, I could just take my time to finish out the rest on my own.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone.
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You need to call a local plumber or two---even though you may have a simple set up---our members are from all across the US--Canada--Australia--the UK and other parts of the world---

I would not give an estate over the phone to another town without looking at the job---Local is what you need---make a couple of calls---
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