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Our house has lights mounted under the kitchen cabinets. They worked fine for a couple years, but now are cutting out after just a few minutes of operation. After an hour, they might come back on for a few minutes, but cut out again.

I suspect that the power transformers are failing, but I don't know. There are two transformers, and the lights connected to the second transformer don't have this problem.

These appear to have been installed by an electrician, they're cleanly wired to an electrical box above the top cabinets, and they're controlled by a wall switch.

Should I replace the whole system with better tech (LED?)? Replace the transformers? Are the transformers easy to source? Affordable?



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What is the total load on the transformer? If it's more than about 40W, you should probably replace it with a bigger transformer - you don't want it operating close to its max ratings. Lighting transformers are cheap, like under $10. Check Amazon. An LED replacement would cost more, but use less power and require no maintenance. Might be worth it.
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