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Hi all,
I would like to install two 8 watt undercabinet direct-wire lights to my kitchen. I would like to tie into the existing circuit for the light fixture over the sink, which is on a 15 amp circuit, separate from the 20 amp for the counter outlets.
The box for the existing sink light is not accessible from the attic, but I could feed wire up from underneath. Could I run a 14-2 wire tied in from the wires to the existing fixture, up to the attic to a new box, then split that off into two 14-2 wires going back down the walls to the new undercabinet lights?
Sorry if that is confusing. Thanks in advance for your help.

That sounds fine, since all your splices are in electrical boxes. Just make sure the number of conductors entering the existing light fixture box (where you're picking up power) is not excessive.
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