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Under Cabinet Lighting - What do I need to do here?

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I have sort of an informal bar setup at the end of my kitchen. I'm in the process of finishing a "floating" shelf, and would like to having some lighting on the underside of it.

I have an outlet (pictured). What type of lighting should I purchase? Pucks or strip lights? And should I go with a hard wired route of something that plugs into the outlet?

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The receptacle is part of your required SABC (Small Appliance Branch Circuit). Hard wired lighting is not allowed as part of the SABC. Plug in is your only option.

There's also an outlet under this which would make hiding the plug easy. Anyone have a suggestion on hiding the wire?
Strip lighting is much more even than puck lights.
LED tape is super easy. 3 watts a foot is usually enough.
Legrand Adorne makes some under cabinet lighting products that are plug in.
Very classy looking but a little pricey. It is sold at Lowes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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