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Unclogging HVAC line at the plenum

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OK, I'm new at this, but am trying to avoid a call to the AC guy that my husband thinks I should make. Our upstairs AC line appears to be clogged between the plenum and the drain. The water is dripping into the overflow. We ran a snake into the drain at the overflow, and that section is not clogged. Can we safely access the drain at the plenum and unclog this ourselves without damaging the plenum or drain? A quick response would be great, or I have to call for service! Thanks.
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if you remove the panels on both sides of the fan you should be inview of the condenseate pan under the evap coil.where the plastic white condensate line comes out ids the blocked point....reach in to the pan area and you should be able to wiggle your index finger in the outlet hole.take a old piece of garden hose with a wet rag wrapped on the end of it put it over the hole and and blow:eek: on the other end.cycle some water into the pan to flush the trap out.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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