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UL Requirements For 2 Hour Wall

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In our permitted plans we have a 2 hour fire wall. It is designed with standard wood studs and two sheets of 5/8" drywall on both sides. I have been told that of we use steel studs and fire resistant insulation that we can reduce the drywall requirements. When I called the planning department they told me there is information from UL on different ways to achieve a two hour wall but they were far to busy to even tell me the name of the book they use as reference material on this. Does anyone know where I can get the UL standards for a two hour firewall?
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I don't recall a 1 wythe stud partition getting 2hrs with little mass of gyp board. Usually the number of layers of drywall do not dicate what type of wall construction, it's pretty cheap. The stud type and size is what is defining.

Any permit drawing for a rated wall should have that designation on the plans, if not, you will be requested for the paperwork during review. For instance, "2hr wall per UL U419" or "5/8" Type X G.B. with fire taped joints". The UL assemblies are VERY specific in their construction as they were tested, so there are no 3 or 4 assemblies that generally cover any situation.

Use the USG link given by ront. I believe UL resources, which are much more detailed than USG's, are accessed only by professionals, unless you want to buy the book.
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