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Ugly Betty

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I got a clean bill of health on "Ugly Betty's" performance- my Goodman 3 ton. Blows 17F way up inside the vents.

The compressor was replaced last year. Pressure is still good. After the HVAC guy left I took a good look at the intake-space. Nasty.

Many many years of dust, hair and crap built up plus several dried up overflows from the drain. Falling apart insulation caked with dirt.

Out came the vacuum. Several hours later it was sparkling clean and then I used foam to seal the cracks, seams and voids that I could get to. I could already tell the difference in air quality and the way it sounded.

This morning I looked at the 12"x24" filter. Since it doesn't have anything to hold it in place over the irregular opening and it tends to suck up against the blower I have layed two 24" sections of 1.5"x1.5" along the edges to try and weigh it down. It still lifts up some at the back. I countered this by cutting two 10.5" sections to wedge crosswise between the long-lengths at each end. This pretty much holds it in place when the blower runs. Then I carefully vacuumed out what dust I could reach.

The system sounded a great deal more quiet at this point.

I then took a good look at the Panel Access seams. I could hear air being sucked in. This means I'm sucking dirty air out of the attic and bypassing the filter too. I solved this by sealing it with flexible duct-tape. That tape sucked up against those seams instantly! LOL

Now it runs a great deal more quietly with out air whistling and rushing through all those openings. My sinuses cleared up too...

Big problem with Ugly Betty. I would have to dis-assemble the unit to get to the cold-coils. Major Surgery. I'm sure they are filthy. Any good way to clean the coils DIY style without a major hassle? The Tape that seals the coils in has 96's printed on it... I'm wondering if this was the last time the coils saw the light of day?

My HVAC colleague is going to bring me some sort of special spray tomorrow...?
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If the air filter is being drawn in towrad teh blower.
Its a sign that your return system is too small.

Your HVAC buddy can show how to get to the coil to clean it.
OK I got the cleaning solution from my friend. BTW he is HVAC licensed but not in the industry. He services his own home and just about everyone's cars at work LOL. I didn't ask him and wouldn't even consider letting him work on my AC unless it was a dire situation. That is for the pros like you guys.

This stuff (spray) is called Nu Flo Coil Cleaner. He said spray on coils and then run the AC for about 15 minutes.

Here's some pics of "Betty" showing my problem of accessing the coils. I may just have to cut open and reseal where the mastic is. Ideas on this?


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Look for screws on the side.
The hex screws are there. I only have to pull the panel back a few inches in order
to access/see the evap cooler? The flue will only allow maybe that much.

BTW what is that white PVC plug?
The plug is "plugging" the secondary drain opening.

You'll need to remove the flue pipe to get to the coil. To remove the plate on the coil yet.
There's another plate? Could you elaborate a little more? I should be able to see the A-frame at this point?

After I replace the panel is it OK to seal the seams with the Flexible-Duct tape I've been using or do I need to use mastic? If so can I get it at Lowes?
When you remove the plate that you currently see.
You'll see the a coil. But only the discharge side. Not the bottom side where the dirt will be.

There is another plate on the coil, that need to be removed to get to the inlet of the coil.

The cloth duct tape is good for everything BUT duct work.

You should be able t get mastis at Lowes or Home Depot.
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