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I redid my attic window trim with select pine, which I primed and painted with three coats of (pure) white latex. It's been about six months, and some of the boards are starting to yellow! I'm guessing it's sap from the wood making its way through the paint. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop the process, and return my trim to a clean white?

The windows on this old house are no longer square to the wall, so I had to do a lot of fancy carpentry to fit the trim. I'd really like to avoid suggestions that involve me redoing it (though next time I'm using MDF!)

Thanks in advance.


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It's tannin acid. The only solution is to coat the affected areas with Zinsser BIN. It's an alcohol based pigmented shellac. You can get quarts of it at HD. Use a nylon bristle brush and do clean up with ammonia. It dries quickly, very quickly, so you'll have figure out how to work with it without making a mess. Good luck and check back with any questions.

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If you used Kilnz:eek: primer, there's the problum:eek:.[/quote]

WRONG again as usual. Joe, please, please ,please, please, please,please ,a thousand times, please

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