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Ceiling light fixtures were almost always rated for 60 watt maximum bulbs, a lot of them had 100s installed. The wire insulation will be somewhat crispy in the boxes above these fixtures.
I agree.

It was common to use aluminum wiring to ranges, stoves, etc. Very rarely ever a problem with it though.

There was also a time right around that era when aluminum wire was used for 15 and 20 amp branch circuits as well. That certainly could be a problem, if it is still intact it's not too difficult to fix.
By 1978, the aluminum alloy had changed to the type that is in use today, so it is much less a problem than if it was from the 60's.

A lot of receptacles were 'back-stabbed' as well. These will burn up under heavy use. Again, if still intact, easy to fix.
Agreed. I'm sure there are a few that will need replacement, due to being cracked, or needing GFCI protection - you can take a look. You might wish to change device color anyway.

Look at the panel. If it is Zinsco or FPE, my advice is to replace it with something a bit more reliable. These breakers had a nasty tendency to not trip, even when subjected to several hundred amps. Some insurance companies will refuse to cover a house with these panels.

As stated above, if no one has messed with it much, it's usually in good shape.

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