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Tying in floor joist to existing structure

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I am expanding/extending my current bedroom and bath which will require removing rear exterior wall. My question is when tying in the new floor joist I plan to use 2x10 with one end sitting on the top plate of the new wall and the other I plan on using joint hanger to tie it into the existing rim board. will I have to double up the existing rimboard like I would for adding a deck? If I dont I know I will have 1" of nail sticking through the backside of the existing rim board going through the joist hanger.
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I using 2x10 over a 12'6" span the floor joist or part of a 2 story addition extending master bedroom and master bath. The deminsion of the project is 12'6" x 24'. I will be using 18 2x10 16" on center for the floor system on upper level the lower level is monolithic slab for floor. So Does the length of the nails going through the existing rim board which I will be attaching the joist to using joist hangers matter and should I use a ledger board under the hangers? As far as the engineered beams are concerned are you referring to the ceiling expansion (roof joist)for the roof? I don't know if I will be using LVL or dbl/triple 2x8 lumber.
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