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Tying in floor joist to existing structure

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I am expanding/extending my current bedroom and bath which will require removing rear exterior wall. My question is when tying in the new floor joist I plan to use 2x10 with one end sitting on the top plate of the new wall and the other I plan on using joint hanger to tie it into the existing rim board. will I have to double up the existing rimboard like I would for adding a deck? If I dont I know I will have 1" of nail sticking through the backside of the existing rim board going through the joist hanger.
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So Does the length of the nails going through the existing rim board which I will be attaching the joist to using joist hangers matter and should I use a ledger board under the hangers?
you do not need a ledger if you are using hangers.

are you talking about the joist hanger nails ?
if so, you have 1 1/2 " nails thru the flanges
the sides must be 2 1/2" nails IF they are "double shear" hangers.
double shear hangers will it stamped into the metal saying so

you need these longer nails in the side because they extend into the band board or header because there are fewer nails in the flanges.

I have seen many builders just use all 1 1/2 inch nails and the instectors never check.
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