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Two story front porch/deck question

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you should put decking down first and the the columns on top of the decking?

I have a 2 story front porch and I replaced the lower 4x4's with round columns. I am now going to replace the upper decking and the 4x4 posts holding the roof up. My question is, should I put the new decking down first and then put the new posts in on top of the decking. The old way was the 4x4's were put up then the decking was cut to fit around the posts.

I see some pics of houses with front porches that hve the posts both ways.

Thanks in advance!


p.s. The lower porch was replaced with concrete. ( not that that even matters)
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putting the decking first will definitly save you alot of cutting and time,just make sure to add double blocking under the post so the decking will not sag from weight that the post are carrying! especially if its synthetic decking!
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