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Two level deck

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Hi all.

I can't figure out how to find any relevant info on this. We have a walk-out basement, so we have an upper and lower deck, right on top of each other. I would like to screen in the lower deck, and be able to use it in the rain. This means I need some sort of roof, above the lower deck and under the floor of the upper deck.

What sort of roof/covering do I need? I guess I could put in an actual plywood/asphalt roof, but this seems overkill, since it will not really be supporting weight of snow or anything. Ideas?


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They have companies that make this product. Just do a search for under deck systems.
How big is the deck?
How much head room on the lower deck?
There are the wavy plastic panels that many people use as roofs
They are usually 10-16' long
Thanks. Just finding out what it was called allowed me to see a bunch of hits.

Are those plastic panels the ones that look like soffit materials, but without the holes?
you may want to consider "Duradeck" or some sort of waterproof deck for the upper deck. Duradeck is the only one that I know of. It's a vinyl decking kind of like linoleum. It is pricey though.
Thanks, all. Even the system at Lowe's looks acceptable.

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