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Two heating zones in house -- thermostat question

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Sorry but I am clueless with these things:

I have two heating zones in my house (one for each floor), and i want to replace the two thermostats with electronic ones. Are there any unusual steps I need to take, when installing the thermostats, due to the two zones?

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Usually there are no issues, just remove the old thermostat and wire up the new one the same way. Usually there are just two wires to connect although if the thermostat also controls air conditioning then there may be three wires.
Just makw sure you match the wires.
If it is hot water than it is usually only 2 wires, if it also controls ac than you might have 4-5
This how it is usually with ac
White and red =heat red is jumped from rh to rc.
Most tstats the jumper is already installed
yellow= ac
green = fan relay
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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