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When I moved into my house there was already a dryer (electric) here left from the previous owners. The dryer would turn on and tumble but would not heat. My mother in-law bought us a new dryer for Christmas and it does the same thing now. I really think it has to do with the outlet. Please help me out any way you can, I really appreciate it.

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You'll need to measure the voltage at the outlet. It probably is missing one of the two hot legs. The motor in the dryer runs on 120V, but the heater runs on 240. With only one hot leg, the dryer gets 120V to run the motor but not 240V for heat. Check the voltage between every set of pins in the receptacle and report back...

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Blown fuse/bad breaker. Or loose connection somewhere between the outlet and the panel box.

Bet a dollar to a donut there is NOTHING WRONG with the old dryer

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Read this thread which I did cover the issue with the dryer and the receptale it will show the clear answer what it should be done and the answer I posted in that thread is 4 conductor recpectale type if you have 3 conductor receptale or it look differnt let me know I will post the correct one.

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