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was trying to figure out something cheap and nice looking to do with my kitchen.. then came across this sweet find..

I drove down to my local granite / marble countertop store.. and out front there was a pallet stacked up with the scrap pieces they cut away from the countertops they design..
the "Free" pile.. literally I loaded up over 750 pounds of scrap pieces ranging from skinny 1" x 36" strips thru large 24" x 16" rectangles.. I personally got about 40 pieces. all random 1" thick slabs.. some were to big for me to lift into my truck bed ..
going to bust them down into smaller chunks about baseball sized and do a mosaic granite countertop ..

free Granite Countertop...!

so go check your local countertop store and ask them if they have a scrap pile or 'Sample' pile.. most likely they do.. usually they want it out of their way


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Sounds interesting bud I have never found grouted tile on a kitchen counter top to last well. The grout joints are impossible to keep clean.
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