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turning garage into room and two story

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i am wanting to move an interior wall about 5' and add a two story above my garage after i close it in , im stumped on if i need to change the exterior wall to 2x6 because they are currently 2x4 , the house was built in the mid 80's.
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Your post is pretty confusing to me, let me see if I get it. The interior wall you want to move five feet - is this inside the house, or inside the garage? Is it a load bearing wall? Does moving the wall have anything to do with your garage project?

You want to add a "two story" above the garage. I don't quite follow, you want to add two stories of living space above the garage (making it a three story structure)? Or you want to convert the garage two stories of living space? Then you add after you close it in. After you close what in? Do you have an open garage at the moment?

As to converting the exterior wall to 2x6 rather than 2x4, that is usually done for insulation reasons. Are you thinking this is needed for structural reasons?

Any conversion of garage space into living space will require a permit from the local building inspector, and usually triggers a whole series of changes best discussed in advance with the building inspector, typically including egress issues, lighting, plumbing, heating requirements, possibly structural issues. Usually a good idea to bring a box of donuts over to the building department to discuss the project, my guess is there will be a number of significant issues worth settling.
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The interior wall separates the existing two car garage from the living room , I'm wanting to move it to add space for the living room and use for support to add two rooms above the garage , my only concern was since the house was built in the 80's if the exterior 2x4 walls would handle the added weight of a second floor. I've done similar projects but never on my own home , and not with a house this old.
My 2 story house built in the 90's has 2X4 exterior walls. You need to determine if the wall you want to move is a load bearing wall. If it will become one because the exterior wall of the second floor will be directly above it, you will need to break up the garage floor and put in proper footings. You can't put structure load on just a plain garage floor.
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