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Turning an ottoman into an occasional coffee table

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Hi All,

We recently purchased a new furniture set, in which we ended up getting a huge ottoman instead of recliners, so that multiple people can put their feet up at once. It has occurred to me since then that it would be great if I were to get some kind of piece of wood that I could rest on the ottoman to turn it into a kind of makeshift coffee table when necessary.

Butchers block initially came to mind, but as this ottoman is 36"x36", I don't think that would be cost effective and also, way too heavy. I don't mind starting with a rough 4'x8', but I just don't know where to start with the material. I think plywood would look awful. I would like to have something that I would ultimately stain to match the floor.

Any suggestions for a piece of wood I could start with, and where I might find this wood? I didn't see anything I liked at Home Depot.

Again, this would just a be a slab of wood to rest on it occasionally, say, if we end up eating dinner in front of the TV one night. Most of the time, this piece of wood would be stored behind the couch.

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Big ass serving tray, which you can usually find online, or at the same place you got your set from.
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I was kind of looking forward to turning this into a little project... taking a rough piece of wood and turning it into something functional and beautiful. Sanding, cutting slots into the sides as grips, staining, sealing, etc.
You could do it also. Just depends on what tools you have, and the design you want. Giant Chess/Checkers board, other side Backgammon, both using Veneer for the coverings.
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