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Tub spout splashing water back.

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Hello, I had a couple questions and some pics below, enjoy the pink tub.

In my rental property I ended up replacing tub spout with slip on. I secured loose pipe And realized it was not square out from wall leaving a gap at top of spout, used a Sioux chief smart spout figuring it would pull tight. It seemed to work. Any experience with that spout? A little worried spring inside will end up rusting. Anyways, the water shoots back over trip plate as the pic shows below. Initially was thinking it was perhaps the angle and flatness of inside of spout, but now believe it is a water pressure issue? See pic of flow with spout off. Any ideas? Is there anyway to dial down the pressure within the mixer valve? No shut offs in back. Other apartment's pressure is fine . Thanks.


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Any ideas? While I realize I probably should get the pressure checked, do they make any type of screen/insert I can put at the end of the spout to properly direct the water? Thanks
I've never seen one.
I'm not seeing the issue I guess.
It would have been as simple as pulling up a little to bend the copper pipe that sticks out to get it to fit flush or just add some silicone caulking .
My walls always end up with some splash back. If the tile is sealed and the spout is sealed there should not be an issue.
I think it's the spout. I have the same valve but don't have the splash back issue. It could be the pressure but you aren't supposed to block the flow with the Symmons valve.

Does the pattern out of the spout change if you use the diverted to lower the pressure?
Thanks for the responses. The water does hit a smidge lower on the trip when moving diverter to "low tub", but not meaningfully. When I removed shower head force was way less on full shower. I realize its going up hill, but the length of the full flow stream with tub spout off seemed excessive to me and stream was more white/bubbly water. Originally I cut/ground down the existing threaded spout it did the same thing but was definitely less backsplash but still hit trip. If trip is properly sealed perhaps there is little concern, yet I am worried about leaks over time as it's at or above the top of the trip and it's a second floor bath. I may have actually secured the pipe more back from the hole behind the tub to get the original spout to fit tighter. Maybe securing with a little more pipe out from the wall (and trim accordingly) will make a difference? Yet the current spray seems like it even shoots right and left abnormally with either spout. Thx
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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