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tub remodel

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I want to replace an existing drop in jetted tub with a drop in soaking tub. Can I remove it without damaging the existing tile deck?
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You will need to post a picture--take a look at how the tile and tub lip meet.

If the tub is sitting on the tile your in luck.---Mike----
Also depends on the shape and profile of the existing hole.:)

How do you intend to disconnect and re-connect the drains?
In addition to what Bud and O'Mike said, I just did a master bath remod where I had to take out the soaking tub, tear out the deck and build a smaller one to make room for a larger shower I had to build also. There was a wooden skirt with an access panel on the front side. So I was able to disconnect the plumbing to the faucet and the drain. The tub was originally set with some mortar underneath, and the top of the tub was resting on top of the tile. My plumber buddy told me not to pry on the top edge, but to put a piece of wood underneath where the mortar didn't get to and gently pry up in a few spots. The tub popped off the mortar easily and I was able to lift it out with no damage. When we reset it, we mixed up a couple bags of mortar and set the tub in it.
Mike Hawkins:)
Here are photos of the tub and shower. The tile is in good shape and running all the way into the shower so I really don't want to have to retile the whole thing.
OOPS---Pictures didn't post----Please try again---Mike---
The measurement of the tub from the bottom of the feet to the underside of the rim is also going to be critical.:)
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