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tub overflow pipe.. missing?

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First post here, wish I would have thought of searching for this a while ago. Don't worry, I still have plenty you can help me with.. :biggrin2:

I bought my first home earlier this year, and it looks like absolutely nothing was done by the previous five owners in the twenty years this place has been standing. I keep finding problems that I think are because of a lazy builder, (KB home in TX, that I keep hearing they were right in the middle of changing the company ownership around the time).

Anyways: I recently noticed the master bath tub drain looked like it had a gap. I tried to see if the tub could hold water, and it leaks out rather quickly. After removing it, I realized someone put the tub drain in cross thread and just left it. I think with how the pipe was, the water was still draining down the pipe.

I bought a two piece kit to replace the overflow drain cover while I was at it. I removed the first screw, and started removing the second. As soon as it was loose, the elbow behind it and pipe started to turn. The worn out gasket was still attached, and I think I was feeling a draft as soon as I had the cover turned out of the way, (while the pipe was still in the position as it when I started). It turned easy, and didn't feel like there could be any more than a couple inches beyond the top elbow. I didn't want it to fall in, so I just reattached the screws and tightened it up, then started searching.

I have used solvent before to connect cpvc pipes (, and all I can see are pvc pipes). I think no matter what I won't be able to get any solvent on the bottom through the overflow hole, so that doesn't sound like an option to fix it that way. I was going to buy a $10 cell phone borescope to see if I could see down the overflow hole to get an idea of what's going on.

I have no clue how difficult it would be to take out this one-piece, wide, (I'm not sure if its) fiberglass or plastic tub that stops at the tub area (22" tall, before the tile starts). The caulking looks like its got mold in it, and I was planning on re-doing that anyways. From my searching, it sounds like going in through the drywall is the better method.

I used a digital measurer to see where the back of the wall would be. The long side wall for the tub backs to the utility room and shares a wall to where the washer and dryer 'hookup supply pocket' are (about a foot off the corner, but about a foot higher. The short side of the wall where the faucet is looks like it backs up either right behind the fridge, (where the fridge water supply line 'faucet pocket' is, and at the same height). If my measure is right, its right at that pocket or behind a pre-fabbed pantry cabinet right next to the fridge, that I installed, and could easily remove if I need to. So If I had to remove any drywall to do this, It should be easily accessible, and hidden after. I'm hoping the borescope is going to tell me where that pocket is along with how the pipe looks.

I have no idea how easy it is to remove that supply pocket, but if it keeps me from replacing drywall, and any other fixes I can't think of, that's my guess at the best point of entry if it allows the room.

I'm on a near maxed out credit card budget, so I'm not hiring anyone. If I have to not take baths in there for years because this is going to cost a lot to fix then it will. That is the only option I have figured out so far. I appreciate any help or thoughts. Thank you.
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single story house. Slab foundation.
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