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I have a standard RH 60 x 30 x 16&5/8 tub that I'm using to replace a tub of the same size (this one is a hair taller). I have the left over pipings, and figured I could reuse them? Also, I noticed this tape on all sides of the new tub (pictured below.) What is this for? Insulation or something?

Now here's the steps as far as I know.

Place a 2x4 stringer across the wall, 60" at 16&5/8 from the floor such that the tub 'rests' on it, transferring weight to the furring strips, no?

Place tub in desired spot.

Reattach the pipings. Do I need to seal these somehow?

Nail the flange of the tub to the 2x4 studs. Galvanized nails. I don't have any 2x4's at the wall you see in the pictures. That's just foamboard covering some brick/block exterior wall. Should I just nail the tub to the furring strips then?

I intend to tile the shower area as well, so if there's something i need to do NOW to prepare for that, it'd be super to know.

Thanks for the assistance, it's a pain in the ass to find any help online!


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Hi there---Looks like you are installing a steel tub onto a concrete slab----

Your steps sound o.k.----I would replace the old drain set--I hate to leave old parts under a new install.

I'd use screws (not nails) to secure the tub to the furring strips---steel tubs chip easily --no hammers near the new tub for me!

The tape on the tub is for sound dampening---tin tubs are noisy.

Use steel shims (look in the roofing section for square steel flashing) to level the tub.

Look in the 'project showcase' for JimFs downstairs bathroom project.

Also look in the 'how to ' section for Bud Clines 'preparing a wall for tile' and 'Mud-what is it?'
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