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Trying to identify faucet brand

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I assumed this was a Delta but they are saying it's not based on this photo. I don't see a brand anywhere on it, anyone have ideas? I am willing to reach out to other vendors if I can get some possible ideas. It leaks from the knob are when turned all the way on so looking for a repair kit.

Note the rubber strap around it it there to keep it from being opened too far and leaking.


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I just edited it so its right-side up. thanks.
I think you have to pull the knob and face plate and have a look at the valve itself.

There will be a screw behind the metal cap in the knob.
I did do that but should have taken a photo, I wont be back at the house until Friday so was hoping to bring the parts needed. It looks almost identical to this under the knob including the brass lever with 4-sided diamond shape:
You need a picture of what is in the wall

I just want to fix the leak with a repair kit, not sure I can get it to that point in your photo i'm not a plumber. I'll look for a brand marking more closely when I am there this weekend..
Update: The plate says "Peerless" on the bottom of the face plate and looks looks like this on the inside, I had bought a Delta RP77739 repair kit and ended up using just the rubber washers from the kit to replace the old ones on the Peerless and it fixed the leak. Thankfully they were the same size, next time i'll buy just the washer spring kit RP77737.


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