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I have 110+ year old house with Andersen windows (guessing they are from the 1930s-1940s?)... I have one large window (about 5.5 feet tall and a little less then 7 feet wide) on the 2nd floor that is made up of 4 individual window units - the 2 outer most units crank open and the two inner units are stationary... I need to replace the glazing putty on all the individual glass lights. as I was leaning out of one of the crank open units to scrap the old putty from the closest stationary unit I noticed that it appears that the stationary units may be able to be removed... I can push on them and they move a bit within their frame but just won't come all the way out. I checked very closely for any nails or other means of them being attached to the main frame of the whole window unit but don't see anything that might be holding them in...
it would make my job of re-doing the glazing putty a LOT easier if I could remove the whole unit and lay it on some saw horses **on the ground** rather then leaning out the other window or working from a ladder...
also if they can come out I thought maybe they could be replaced with something more energy efficient... these are single pane glass window units but they do have interior "storm windows" that clip in that do help make them a bit more efficient in the winter...
anyone with knowledge of old Andersen windows have any ideas/tricks on how I could "pop out" the stationary units would be greatly appreciated!
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