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*Pic below* Sorry for the messy counter

I currently have a wet bar in my living room (was there when I bought the house), with a sink that is of no use (since the kitchen sink is very close) and a mini fridge that I don't use much. After some thought, I figured one idea would be to replace the mini-fridge with a kegerator/beer tap.

A couple problems:

1) If the sink didn't exist, I would just get an undercounter kegerator unit and have someone drill the appropriate opening in the counter.

2) However, this would leave the sink that I would ultimately like to remove, so this route would leave me having to remove the sink and replace with the existing tile style (but in reality, i want to replace the surface a few years from now so i want to avoid this step).

3) so given all of that, I wanted to somehow use the existing mini-fridge space for the main fridge with the keg, and somehow route the beer to a tap which would replace the existing sink, and maybe drain into the pipe below and avoid using a drip tray?

or maybe this is all nonsense, and I should get a freestanding unit and put it next to the wetbar, and just pay to remove the sink.

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