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Truck chevy

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I have a truck I have been rebuild and was curious on any info I can get as far as theses huge tires on this engine it has a v-6 4.3 vortec with 35's on it.. Is this too much tire for the truck??? Thoughts???? Lifted also....


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Note there are other things to consider besides if the engine can handle non-factory specification tires...

That is braking, cornering, and some vehicle electronic modules which measure the rotation speed of the wheels as an input for; shifting, cruise control, speed, leveling, navigation, and even the sound level of the radio.

The newer the vehicle and the more "whistles and bells" the vehicle has, the more things there are which rely on an accurate speed as measured at each wheel. And when you change the wheel/tire size, that also changes the speed those electronic modules "see".

But most important is safety. The factory engineers test the heck out of a vehicle with the factory specification wheel/tire sizes. The vehicle is then fairly safe to drive in most driving conditions. Change the wheel size and height of the vehicle, then roll overs and other nasty things can happen. A lady in such a truck was killed in an accident recently. The braking did not work as it should and she swerved to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of her, and then rolled over.

ABS braking systems rely on accurate wheel speed information.

With that said, the manufacturer and their dealers will have NOTHING to do with modified vehicle like this (because they know it is not safe). I recommend factory specification wheel and tire sizes.

Might want to read the following...
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