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On my ICP HVAC unit, mod# PGF336080K00A1, I am getting gas flow to the burners but no spark at the electrodes. I am assuming that since the gas valve is opening, that means all the limit and rollout switches are working. I also have power coming out of the pressure switch.

It seems that the round spark ignitor module or the ignition control board is inop. The ignitor module, (#1173831 superseded by #1177395) has four wires going to it. Blue from the gas valve input, green to ground, and the remaining black and yellow wires coming from the ignition control board. Since I don't know what voltages I should be reading from the board, I have no idea which component is bad.

I didn't see any other posts on this. Anybody know if there is a past thread on this or what voltages I should be getting? Or, is it common knowledge as to what component is probably bad?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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