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Troubleshooting fluorescent ballast?

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A 3 lamp fluorescent fixture stopped giving light.

1st action = new tubes. Result = no light.

2nd action = verify input voltage. Result = 120v line to neutral.

3rd action = go to DIY Chatroom and ask if a procedure exists to verify the proper function of the ballast (besides the light tubes). Result = ???
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Change the ballast. The tubes don't light and you have input power. The ballast is bad unless you new tubes are bad. You could try them in a different fixture.

Standard fluorescent repair procedure.
1. Change the lamps. No light see #2.
2. change the ballast.
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5Th action .,, Make sure the wiring diagram is match up to the tombstone connection and also use the correct lamps as it will listed in the ballast housing.

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