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Troubleshooting 50W light

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I have five 50w lights that hang from the ceiling in our restaurant, The lights use GY6.35 12 V halogen bulbs. I can't get two of the lights to work. I have tried multiple bulbs. i tested the bulbs in the ones that work, so I know the bulbs are ok. Any ideas on what the problem is or what I should check next? Thanks
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Faulty lamp sockets are common
With these types of lights due to
High heat.
You will need to replace the lamp socket.
Thanks. I have a few spare one so i can give it a shot. Thanks for the quick reply.
dmx is correct, I have also had problems with those style sockets. Not sure what is available, but if you can find a good LED replacement with a light color and intensity you like they might last much longer. They didn't have LEDs when I was dealing with them.

It could also be the transformer for those fixtures.
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Ayuh,... Good place to use yer multimeter tester,....
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