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Trip Lever - Plunger tub drain

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Tub drains so slow we are standing in water when taking shower. Used chemical and didn't work. Took screwdriver and put in drain and thought maybe I could feel around to see what was down there. Something metal seemed to move around. Being a woman and never had played with drain before I had no idea what I was doing. Make a long story short we had to call plumber out. He never looked at drain or what I did he just went into back of bedroom wall that is flush with out tub and put snake down drain. Informed us we had broken pipe and he would go under slab and replace p-trap waste and overflow but any other pipe on beams would be extra. Total cost around $2200.00 if there were no other complications.
We haven't done it yet and we also called water department out to look in back where drains are. They pulled top off drain and had me run tub water and said tub was runing out into back yard drain and they couldn't figure why tub still had water in it. After I read all about Trip levers and plunger tub drains on web sites , I pulled trip lever out of overflow hole which looks like the pictures on web site. It didn't have any hair or anything attached to it. I am wondering if I did something inside the drain hole with the screwdriver to lock something that would prevent the water from draining from the tub.
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Yes, the problem can be the trip lever adjustment. Does it drain well with the triplever/stopper removed?? If yes, it just needs adjustment. Where the stopper rod connects to the top lever, there is a clevis with a screw on the end of the rod. That needs to be adjusted up/down so water drains while it is up, and stops the water when down. No way to actually see where the stopper is, so it is trial/error type adjustment.
If the plumber went down a clean out in the wall rather than go into the overflow he did not go through the p-trap. Call another plumber and tell him go down the waste and overflow. most likely you have soap and hair build up in the p-trap if you did like suggested in the above post. (remove the overflow and run water in tub). Then if it starts running better ask the plumber to run a mini cam down the line to see if it is broken. also if you flush the toilet does water come up in the tub then drain if so then you might have a main line stoppage. Make sure you tell plumber that you used chemicals in the line to avoid him having acid burns or splashing it into his eyes. I never put chemnicals down my drains always run a snake.
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To Just bill:
The water doesn't drain when I took the trip lever and the plunger that is at the end of it out of the overflow hole. I see a nut at the bottom of the lever and I think I am suppose to adjust that but I noticed the rod that holds the plunger is crooked and I am wondering if that isn't suppose to be straight. Either way I thought there was something in the drain hole itself that I might have locked.
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Al's Sewer,
The toilet and sink are working fine. Why would the plumber tell us he was going to replace the p-trap waste and overflow? Is the overflow hole the only way you can tell if you need to replace the p-trap if he went down it. And what is a p-trap anyway? Is there any way I could have done something with my screwdriver when I put it down the drain hole and moved it around and felt something move?
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