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Tricks to making PEX fit in small area?

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Excuse me for my stupid question:

I'm adding a hot/cold spigot to the house to replace a failing standard cold spigot. Since I'm plumbing the entire basement as well, I ordered a Spigot with PEX connectors, and I soldered on a ball-valve PEX stop onto the copper water supply.

I have abou 8inches between the spigot and shutoff valve: I already installed the spigot, and siliconed it as well.

Last night I decided to connect the PEX, and being the first time I've ever used it, ran into an issue: the PEX doesn't have enough flex to connect to the fixture to the supply.

Are there any tricks to this? Or do I need to cut the spigot out, and connect that way?
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Not an answer but my inquiring mind needs to know why a stop valve is needed at that location.
Using PVC pipe, make a long radius sweep the desired bend and then push the heated pex in the formed PVC sleeve with a little extra length at each end. It will retain it's sleeved shape and be a lot less PITA to work with.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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