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Trex Select vs Timbertech Terrain

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I am in the planning phase of a new deck construction. I want to do a composite deck to avoid the ongoing maintenance that I have previously experienced with a pressure treated deck.

Im already stretching the budget considerably to teach the lower end of the composite spectrum, and unfortunately I dont really want to to any higher to reach into the higher end of Trex, Timbertech and Fiberon.

With that being said, I am ok with the look of both the Trex Select (Saddle color) and also the Timbertech Terrain (Brown Oak color).

I know that people like to recommend stepping up to the Trex Transcends, or the Fiberon Horizon decking. Those products in my area cost almost double what Trex Select and Timbertech Terrain cost unfortunately.

Since Im ok with the looks of the Select and the Terrain products, I would like people's opinion on the two products on a basis of scratch/stain resistance, life expectancy, fading etc.

I know that the Trex Select is only capped on three sides, which is less desirable than the Terrain which is capped all around. My deck will be two feet off the ground with plenty of airflow underneath though, so perhaps thats not a concern.

The Terrain is scalloped on the bottom side though, while the Select is solid. I think that will make installation of the Terrain a little more difficult than the Select.

Can anyone provide any thoughts in this matter for me? For roughly the same price (Timbertech Terrain is actually about 5% more), would you install Trex Select or Timbertech Terrain?

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Im well aware of your stance on aluminum decking from reading a few other posts.

I am interested in a composite capped deck, not an aluminum deck. Aluminum is about 4 times the price in my area anyways.
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