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i see no reason why not, other than the discoloration problems. in michigan, they're doing this...
(Grand Rapids, MI) – More than 3,000 plastic milk jugs appeared in Kent County’s
Douglas Walker Park recently. But instead of calling to report vandalism, Kent County is
calling all residents to come out and enjoy the newly installed recycled plastic park bench
and picnic table, made of plastic milk jugs!
Turning milk jugs into park benches is the work of local plastics recycler BATA Plastics.
Along with this year’s corporate sponsor, ADAC Automotive, the recycler is taking
plastic milk jugs from Kent County’s Recycling Facility and donating attractive, durable
park furniture. County Commissioner Arthur Tanis expressed his appreciation to the
companies for recognizing that recycling does not stop at the recycling bin. “It’s
important for us all to seek out products made from recycled material and these
companies are showing us some of the innovative and truly useful things that can be
made from everyday recyclables.”
BATA Plastics anticipates that this will be an annual program. They’ll seek out
companies that focus on using recycled materials and give them the opportunity to ‘give
green’ as the corporate sponsor of the donated plastic furniture. This year’s donations can
be seen at the County’s Douglas Walker Park in Byron Center and the City’s Caulfield
Park in Grand Rapids.
this is not trex, but it's pertinent i guess.... or at least really cool!

this person did some nice benches on his deck with it as well. hopefully, he'll keep us posted as it ages.
let us know if you build anything from it, we'd all like to see how it turns out, i'm sure.


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I had success with a couple of planters a small side table and a bench. It holds up pretty well and you could sand it down to new material it discolored as long as you did not use the material with a pattern on it. The down side is the weight. That stuff is really heavy. My only caution is to use screws not nails and make sure they will not rust and it takes polyurethane adhesives (Gorilla Glue) pretty well if you make sure the edge you are gluing is not smooth.


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I built a whole set with 2 benches, 2 planter/end tables and a larger corner planter/end table. I get alot of complements on them. They havent discolored and are holding up great. I framed it with PT lumber. Let me see if this picture will work...


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Actually just purchased some adironack chairs for our back patio along with a table. They were available in a variety of colors or you could make them 2-tone. Can't wait til they get here. They are heavy and sturdy. And, they are by a pool and I don't even have to worry about them getting wet either or the paint not holding up. It's great.
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