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Trex Deck Ques

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Hello to all,

Installed an 8' x 22' trex deck. that also has an arbor over it. Well, both a large level and drill were dropped while working on arbor. The level of course, had to hit w the end that now left an indentation. The indentation then pushed up the material next to it. The drill, of course, hit w the bit side too, so I have 1-2 pitted areas.

I trimmed out the deck side that butts up to some stucco I made from 2"x 3/4" (H x W). I took a piece to the trex deck and from the computer picture, made the paint. I painted the trim w 3 coats, then installed it and filled install holes and painted. It matches perfectly.

Was wondering if anyone else has installed a composite deck and scarred it, then found a suitable way to fix it? Since I have a paint that matches perfectly, this could cover any work. Trex does not warrant any repairs, they are into replacement only. Since I am not pulling 20 board to get to the ones I need, I was wondering if anyone has any solutions. It is the Trex Transcend type and is $46/16Ft. so I was looking for a fix rather than replace. If you do not know it's there. it's hard to see it, but it's the "first thing that comes to mind thing" since I was the installer.

Thank you very much,
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You only have two options imo. Replace it or live with it.
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