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Trex Deck Ques

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Hello to all,

Installed an 8' x 22' trex deck. that also has an arbor over it. Well, both a large level and drill were dropped while working on arbor. The level of course, had to hit w the end that now left an indentation. The indentation then pushed up the material next to it. The drill, of course, hit w the bit side too, so I have 1-2 pitted areas.

I trimmed out the deck side that butts up to some stucco I made from 2"x 3/4" (H x W). I took a piece to the trex deck and from the computer picture, made the paint. I painted the trim w 3 coats, then installed it and filled install holes and painted. It matches perfectly.

Was wondering if anyone else has installed a composite deck and scarred it, then found a suitable way to fix it? Since I have a paint that matches perfectly, this could cover any work. Trex does not warrant any repairs, they are into replacement only. Since I am not pulling 20 board to get to the ones I need, I was wondering if anyone has any solutions. It is the Trex Transcend type and is $46/16Ft. so I was looking for a fix rather than replace. If you do not know it's there. it's hard to see it, but it's the "first thing that comes to mind thing" since I was the installer.

Thank you very much,
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Da nagorg- personally I don't like your answer, but the forgettabout did make me you know what "fugowie" means?

Seriously, the big ping is smack in the middle, so the potted plants arent going to work. I was seeking any solutions that were of solid fixes. It's either going to be done correctly (if such is the case) or not at all.

Yes, that about sums it up., I think it's staying there.

I believe the drill bit indentations could be layered w an acrylic filler, then paint that area. I've painted spare pieces and once dried, you cannot tell the differences except that some of the finer wood-grain impressions aren't as finely detailed bc the paint filled the crevices...very very hard to see...also, these area are not subject to UV Rays since in the center & covered..maybe 7-8pm like sun in heart of summer.

Thanks again,
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