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It's a plan for a trellis like the image, to stand over 16' planter. View is going to be a factor and a middle pole may be rejected.:smile: So the span may be 20' or so. For the upper piece, would you check my numbers?
Using the calculator, I used following inputs and got a span of 18.5':
douglas fir-larch (north) - if I can get 20-22' lumbers from yards in NJ
2x8 - I can use 2x10 but prefer thinner look
ceiling joists - obviously will have no drywall or insulation, etc
L/180 - assuming the no load, therefore, least resistance to deflection
24" spacing - I had to input something, but no spacing
NO on exterior exposure - just pretending this doesn't count
10 psf live load - had to input something but no live load, except maybe birds
5 psf dead load - assuming this suffices for the lumber itself.

I can fumble with the regular construction spans, but to find the span capacity of just the lumber itself, how? Thanks in advance.

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Seeing as it will be supporting virtually nothing, any size lumber should work fine structurally.
Use what makes the look you want.
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