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Tree/Flower Bed Edging

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Looking for someone to comment on the steps I have outlined below to see if i'm missing anyting.

1. I rented a bed edger, and outlined my bed area.
2. Next I plan on scalping any remaining grass in the area, and covering with weed block fabric to prevent grass/weeds from coming back.
3. poke hoes in fabric and plant flowers/bulbs
4.cover fabric with mulch

I have thought about using plastic bed edging, but would rather not
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Looks OK. DO use the landscape fabric. It allows air &water through to your plants. DON'T use black plastic bags. They will not allow any air or water through and under the right conditions will suffocate your plants TO DEATH.
Grampa Bud is right. But don't use the kind of landscape fabric you can buy at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. The only way I would ever use it again is if I could get a professional grade fabric.

I used the more expensive stuff from H. Depot when I moved here and landscaped the yard. BIG mistake. A lot of weeds/grass will still grow up through the fabric. The problem then is that you have the stems and leaves above the fabric and the root system below it. When you pull the plant, your'e still leaving the root system underneath to continue growing and produce more weeds/grass.

The other problem - weed seeds that float through the air will land on your fabric and germinate. They will grow on top of your fabric, but the roots will work their way underneath.

Through trial and error, here's what I do now. I get the ground ready and plant everything where I want it. Then prevent weeds from getting a start by using something like Preen. Now and then, I still get a few weeds, but they are very easy to pull out. Plus, when I want to re-arrange plants, plant new ones or pull out dead ones, I don't have to fuss with that fabric.

Good idea about the mulch, a good layer of it will help keep a lot of the weeds out.

Good luck and have fun!
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I have used the fabric before with all of the negatives that gma noted. I don't like it.

One caution with using Preen or any other pre-emergent. Wait after planting new plants until they get a root system established. You might have a few weeds come up in the first couple of weeks, but not likely with a good mulch. This is more critical with bedding plants than with shrubs or others in 1gal or larger pot.

Just a comment about your order of work. I would get the bed "scalped," tilled, etc earlier and leave the edging until a couple of steps later.

I like to work a little fertilizer, at least some P (phosphorous) into the soil before planting.
My gardens become jungles
So I don't use any fabric
I also edge with brikcs or stone around the edges - level with the grass
That way it is easier to mow the grass
A bed edger = that's cheating ! :laughing:

I've done all my gardens bit by bit
I usually end up adding on by maybe 6-12" after I have the garden going
I have a couople hundred feet of gardens
So making it easier to mow is key for me
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