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Neighbor was cutting his trees down and one BIG section of his poplar fell on the center of our house. We have an older home and the rafters are on 24" centers. The tree fell parallel with the rafters. The rafter that it hit had two large knots. The rafters are 2x6 by 16'. The largest knot was pretty much centered and it broke out leaving a large horizontal centered crack that extends both directions approximately 4 foot each way. Question is how do we best fix this? Do we put a scab on both sides the full length and how much past the end of each crack? Also should we put in upright supports at the end of each scab? What type of material should the scab be?

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You call a Pro to fix it & your neighbors insurance pays for it

I'd put another rafter in full length & attach it securely to the other rafter. Make sure there isn't any hidden damage caused by the tree. Also make sure the roof is intact & will not allow water in to cause further damage. I'd also use a 2x8 if I can get it in there

If you can't get a 16' in there (prob not)
Then go with as long as you can
You may need to jack it up slightly
Be careful of waht you se to jack it up - support below

If possible an upright would help
But again it needs a supporting wall underneath
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