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treating ground after septic field overflow

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Hey all - I have a few related thread going on here as I'm troubleshooting. During recent heavy rain, a septic field may have flooded with effluent up to the ground surface - or maybe not - maybe it's just rainwater. I ordered a water bacteria test and figured I'd give it a try - I have 3 kids.

Assuming the test is positive for bacteria, and in fact that is effluent on the surface - what next? Nothing?

I actually have two fields - this was the old one. I have a diverter valve so just switched to the new field. I thought I was already on it. I'll let the old field "dry" for a few years.

So since I'm not using it, there is nothing really to fix there. But a decent sized portion of my backyard may have effluent pooling on the surface. When the sun comes out again, all that will dry. But do I need to spray something on it? Stay far away? Never go to that spot again? Keep the kids away? Or when it dries, does the bacteria die? What if it rains again - even if I'm not using that field, could it rejuvenate bacteria in that area?

Can't be too paranoid when you're talking about an area kids play in sometimes.
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