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Treating a Tree

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We bought our house about 1 1/2 years ago. Our pre-buy termite inspection revealed that a shed and a few trees were infested. The shed and one tree had drywood termites, but the beautiful old magnolia tree in the back had formosans.

All were treated and we've seen no signs since (other than those one might normally see in swarming season, mostly winged or dead, inside the house, but haven't seen them on the tree).

Question is this: Should Termidor be sprayed on this tree to guard against any future (or current) infestations? If so, what is the best way so as not to harm the tree? Only to aa certain height, do we treat the trunk (how high?), the ground around it (grass, monkey grass and bare ground)? It is about 100 years old and we would like it to live as long as we do :) .

Also, there are some 'holes' in the tree from previous branch removal, termites and (rot, I guess). Some of these holes can hold water. I don't see signs of destructive insects, but do these holes serve as invitation for termites, etc? Should they be somehow 'filled'? Treated w/Termidor?

I have access to many pest control chemicals online and currently have in possession Termidor, Timbor powder and Bifen IT.

Thanks for any info,
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